Facebook boosted its play in the highly competitive gaming market, launching a cloud-streaming service which appeared to heap pressure on Apple’s App Store policies by omitting iOS devices.

In a blog announcing the launch, VP Play at Facebook Jason Rubin explained the games will not be a spin-off of a separate cloud gaming service, unlike rival titles, but will rather be “playable in the same way you play games now on Facebook”.

The social media giant launched a gaming app for Android devices in April. Rubin explained current users will have access to Facebook’s cloud titles, while the company works “on alternative options for iOS”.

“Even with Apple’s new cloud games policy, we don’t know if launching on the App Store is a viable path”, Rubin stated.

Acknowledging the future of its offerings for iOS was uncertain, he added it was clear “Apple treats games differently and continues to exert control over a very precious resource”.

Currently, iOS users are also unable to access gaming services by Google, Microsoft and Fortnite because its App Store policies require games to be individually submitted instead of being offered in a bundle service.