LIVE FROM MWC23 SHANGHAI: China Unicom chairman and CEO Liu Liehong (pictured) outlined plans to develop AI capabilities to improve network security and detailed gains in its growing cloud computing portfolio in the domestic market.

Liu said the first step is to put in place massive computing power infrastructure along with centralised management to make AI affordable. The operator plans to tap the technology to ensure high reliability.

“We want to promote the AI industry by working with partners to co-develop across different areas,” Liu said.

He explained China Unicom is working to boost its computing capabilities by integrating its network with the cloud, noting the implementation already covers 200 cities.

By they end of the year, it aims to scale to keep up with explosive demand for computing power.

“Our goal is to develop customised cloud services for all types of clients”.

To date, it has worked with organisations in smart city, logistics, manufacturing, maritime, education and agricultural sectors.

“Our multi-cloud collaboration ecosystem allows us to deliver services in a unified way, giving clients a choice of private, public or hybrid cloud resources.”

Liu said the operator is also working to strengthen cooperation with China Telecom, focusing on deploying 5G on low-frequency spectrum to increase coverage in rural and remote areas.