MTN Cameroon categorically denied accusations on social media it plans to close down its mobile money service, less than two weeks after the group’s Ghana business was forced to defend against a similar social media campaign.

In a statement, MTN Cameroon called the rumours of an imminent shut-down “baseless,” noting the service was expanding across all 10 regions of the country and there were no plans to close in the short, medium or long term.

Similar to the defence made recently against social media stories in Ghana, it said funds were held and transactions settled within the country rather than at a group level. This, it highlighted, meant it could not be impacted by “happenings in a third-party country”.

The operator added it intended to continue to grow of the service in Cameroon by increasing its range of products.

Rumours were widely shared earlier this week on popular social media websites and spread through messaging services in the country.

According to comments made to MTN Cameroon on its customer care Facebook page, some users had already began withdrawing funds due to the scare. One claimed the messages began to be distributed in the first week of September.