Paypal, Lenovo look to move beyond passwords

Paypal, Lenovo look to move beyond passwords

12 FEB 2013

A group of companies including PayPal and Lenovo have set up a new group called the Fido (Fast Identity Online) Alliance which enables users to replace password-based online log-ins on a PC or mobile device with an open protocol tied to the actual device accessing the service.

The idea is that when a Fido-enabled device is automatically detected, its user is given the option to replace a password with other authentication methods that are more convenient and easier to use.

The authentication technologies supported by the new protocol include biometrics, such as fingerprint scanners, voice and facial recognition, as well as NFC, one-time passwords and security tokens.

The other companies involved in the alliance so far are Agnitio, Infineon Technologies, Nok Nok Labs and Validity, as well as PayPal and Lenovo. Vendors signing up to the scheme will have to install the necessary software on their servers, as well as convince users to update their mobile devices or PCs where the proposed protocol is not already present.


Richard Handford

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