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MBBF18 inspires a 5G future

12 NOV 2018

PARTNER CONTENT: This year’s annual Global MBB Forum, hosted by Huawei alongside industry partners GSMA and GTI, is set to change the game once again, with the focus falling on the future of mobile connectivity driven by 5G, the IoT, as well as the latest trends: artificial intelligence (AI); cloud augmented reality and virtual reality; and connected cars.

The annual event, to be held 19 to 21 November 2018 at the iconic ExCel Centre in London, is now an industry leading show, attracting key decision makers and influencers from across the world.

This year will go beyond again, with traditional operators joined at the event by a number of third-party companies from the fast-growing virtual reality, augmented reality and vehicle sectors to share their insights into how mobile is also transforming their industries.

With the looming launch of 5G, the MBB Forum this year is one of the most crucial in its nine-year history and will put the spotlight on the next-generation of mobile technology like never before.

Indeed, MBB Forum has witnessed and covered some of the most pivotal moments in the mobile industry, including the launch of the world’s first LTE network in Oslo, Norway in 2010; the first LTE-A network in UK, 2013; the launch of the first 1Gb/s 4.5G network in Hong Kong, 2015; and the first Massive MIMO network in Japan in 2016. And this year, with the finalisation of 3GPP’s Release15 standard, the attention turns firmly to 5G.

All-star speaker line-up
One year on from MBB Forum 2017 in London, 5G continues to make great advancements, with operators dedicated to developing the technology through a number of trials ahead of commercial launch.

MBB Forum this year will therefore provide the perfect platform for operators to share their experiences, as well as exhibit findings and technology.

This year’s conference agenda is also one of the most comprehensive, with an all-star speaker line-up leading discussion on the benefits and challenges of 5G, sharing best practice from across the globe as well as an insight into Huawei’s latest network solution.

Keynote speakers include industry leaders from China Telecom, Huawei, GSMA (director general Mats Granryd), BT, T-Mobile, Sunrise, KPN, Aston Martin, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Bell, 3UK and more.

Aside from the keynote presentations, the Wireless Industry and Technology Talks (WIT Talks) – a series of breakout summits and roundtables held during the event – will cover some of the industry’s hottest topics, including LTE Evolution, 5G indoor coverage, cloud AR/VR, connected cars, emerging market and automation.

Held on day one, the WIT Talks will specifically focus on LTE, connecting the unconnected and digital indoor 5G networks.

Crucially, not only will the roundtable offer a unique chance to gain a deeper insight into several important issues, with the mobile digital economy set to deliver myriad benefits and economies, but it will also provide a platform encouraging all attendees to work together towards shaping the future of their respective industries.

Bringing the MBB future to life
Aside from a comprehensive conference agenda, a major highlight of this year’s event will see Huawei work with a number of leading UK mobile operators to present a live demonstration of large-scale 5G networking, featuring optimal performance of the technology across a number of different commercial scenarios.

And this particular live 5G demo will be just one of many 5G-themed showcases at this year’s MBB Forum.

The worldwide exhibition will allow leading global operators to participate in regional mobile broadband development showcases, all contributing to the promotion of the industry.

This will include the largest outdoor 5G showcase in Europe.

More than ten operators will also present state-of-the art commercial scenarios and use cases of 5G in the exhibition, including 5G live streaming, innovation showcases of internet of vehicles and vertical industries.

In addition, more than 35 third-party partners will also have the floor to show-off the industry’s latest hardware and technologies, while end-to-end industry partners will gather to promote advancements in the wireless industry.

Indeed, one particular use case – cloud virtual reality, a pioneer eMBB application – is sure to attract the crowds.

The large-scale cloud VR interactive experience will be one of the most critical 5G applications in the 5G era, offering users a fully immersive experience.

There will also be large-scale, multi-player capable VR interactive gaming available and the event will see the debut of SingleRAN Pro: a fundamental network for the 5G era.

SingleRAN Pro, an automated 5G E2E solution, will be on display, with demonstrations on scenario-based solutions applied in urban and rural areas, and many other spots like airports, and subways.

In addition, the latest C-V2X vehicles will be on show, as well as a roundtable on advancements on the topic, as well as an exclusive Vodafone demo.

Industry leading event
As the 5G era edges ever closer, this year’s MBB Forum is set to provide the platform for operators, vertical partners, governments and regulators to take the necessary steps required to jump in on what will be a truly transformative technology.

Filled with a leading keynote agenda, in-depth breakout sessions and the latest and greatest innovative technology on the exhibition floor, MBB Forum 2018 will set the stage for 5G – fuelling the latest industry trends in AI, cloud, VR/AR and connected cars. The event will truly inspire the future of technology across the globe.



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