Samsung targets health acquisitions

Samsung targets health acquisitions

18 JUN 2013

Health is one of the markets that mobile phone giant Samsung is targeting for acquisitions, according to David Eun (pictured), the company’s executive vice president, quoted by Bloomberg.

Eun, who also mentioned communications and education as other areas of interest, said acquisitions could add unique features to the vendor’s handsets.

The company is looking at several possible targets.

“We have an early investment group that invests in early stage companies and we are doing acquisitions as well. In addition, we’re setting up incubators in Silicon Valley and New York to incubate our own startups,” said Eun.

Samsung hopes to gain access to customised content through such deals that will differentiate its devices from rivals.

The idea would be to spread content across all the vendor’s devices, including TVs as well as its high-profile handsets such as the Galaxy S4.

Eun was speaking at the Bloomberg Next Big Thing Summit.


Richard Handford

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