Satellite TV broadcaster Sky is taking advice from investment bank Lazard about its options in the wake of BT’s talks with EE and O2 — a sign of how UK mobile industry M&A threatens to impact other sectors.

According to the Financial Times, Sky hired the bank to evaluate its options as the mobile industry reshapes itself. Other banks are also likely to get involved.

Sky’s business is already feeling the impact of quadplay — the driving force behind BT’s move. In addition to its TV business, Sky offers fixed broadband and telephony. Mobile services are the missing piece.

Rivals such as Virgin Media have all four services of their quadplay strategy lined up.

Jeremy Darroch, Sky’s chief executive, said last month offering mobile would be “logical” but expressed scepticism about whether subscribers were really interested in quadplay.

The broadcaster has ruled out anything as grandiose as buying O2 and EE, although some kind of acquisition in the mobile market could be an option. So might a partnership with a UK mobile operator. Or a bid to win more football rights at next year’s Premier League auction, as BT takes its eye off the ball with its mobile move.