Liberty Global agreed a partnership with Infosys worth €1.5 billion for the Indian IT provider to evolve and scale the former’s digital entertainment and connectivity platforms, building on an existing collaboration.

The companies signed an initial five-year agreement with an option for a three-year extension.

Infosys will provide services to Liberty Global worth an estimated €1.5 billion in the initial term to 2028 and the contract will be worth €2.3 billion if it is extended to eight years. Infosys has provided support services to Liberty Global since 2020.

Through the expanded collaboration, Liberty Global stated it believes it will be able to realise run-rate savings in excess of €100 million per annum, inclusive of other savings and technology investments.

Infosys will be tasked with taking over the building and operating of Liberty Global’s Horizon entertainment platform and its associated connectivity plays, integrating its Topaz AI offering.

In addition, Liberty Global will licence its platforms to Infosys so they can be offered to new operators and markets outside of the former’s footprint. The communications company will, however continue to control product roadmaps and retain all IP.

Liberty Global also told Mobile World Live in a statement it wont be using Infosys’ cloud and AI services exclusively, and will instead “continue to own the tech roadmap and determine what AI or AI vendors we choose to work with”.

More than 400 Liberty Global employees will join Infosys as a result of the new agreement.

Mike Fries, CEO of Liberty Global, highlighted the cost saving potential of the partnership along with opportunities for its workforce to grow their own skills.

“We look forward to working together to accelerate innovation and make our entertainment solutions even more powerful and engaging as new generations of digital-first customers continue to demand more from us all.”