Foxconn penned a deal with US chipmaker Nvidia to develop AI data centres based on the latter’s computing infrastructure, powering various use cases in areas including robotics and EVs. 

In a statement, Nvidia explained the so-called AI facilities will deploy its enterprise software and its GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, said to be able to process vast amounts of data into AI models. 

There are also plans for the companies to combine technologies to create new products, including a smart car and industrial robotics by Foxconn based on Nvidia’s chipsets for autonomous fleets and robots. 

The Taiwan-based manufacturer will also integrate its smart city technology with Nvidia’s intelligent video analytics platform, and Foxconn claimed it will leverage its partner’s portfolio to build various systems for global customers who seek to operate their own AI factories or expand their AI-based offerings. 

Further, Foxconn noted it will look to build its own AI factory powered by Nvidia’s Omniverse computing platform, designed to convert data into 3D simulations, along with a suite of developer tools. 

Foxconn will provide its enterprise clients with Nvidia’s smart car solutions. 

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang (pictured, left) said the deal expanded the duo’s “decade-long partnership”. Earlier this year, the companies struck an agreement to jointly develop platforms for autonomous vehicles.