A Verizon Business executive played down the chances of T-Mobile US taking a 20 per cent share of the enterprise sector by 2025, telling Mobile World Live (MWL) its rival’s growth trends will result in it falling short.

Verizon Business CRO Sampath Sowmyanarayan (pictured) noted his company holds a strong share of the B2B market currently, highlighting its CBRS, C-Band and mmWave options for private networks as a key competitive advantage.

“We have more than 45 per cent market share overall in B2B,” Sowmyanarayan told MWL.

The Verizon executive added T-Mobile had touted a B2B focus “for the last four or five years”, but he was yet to see its “share position growing”.

T-Mobile executives have been vocal about reaching a 20 per cent market share in the enterprise sector by 2025.

Sowmyanarayan noted Verizon Business also has existing relationships with business customers through WAN and LAN deployments.

The executive noted CBRS offered potential in the SME sector, particularly for businesses with several warehouse locations or colleges requiring connectivity across campuses.

Verizon Business last month bolstered its enterprise play by adding a CBRS-based turnkey product from specialist vendor Celona to its portfolio.

Celona offers plug and play WLAN products including private ports, and radio equipment and controllers on the operator’s On Site LTE and 5G set-up, with the system employing AI to troubleshoot problems on networks and provide usage analytics.

In addition to staking a claim to boost Verizon Businesses’ position relative to US operator rivals, Sowmyanarayan claimed the Celona CBRS system could be deployed faster than private networks relying on Ericsson and Nokia equipment.