Estonia-based Clevon selected T-Mobile US as its preferred IoT connectivity and management provider in the US, a move it tipped to slash the time required to launch a delivery service using autonomous robots.

T-Mobile will connect autonomous vehicles used to deliver various consumer goods. The robots use cameras, radar and other sensors to provide data for mapping and remote operating capabilities while on public roads.

Clevon stated the mapping and routing technologies will cut the time to launch “commercial delivery services from months to days”, along with predicting a boost in accuracy for drop-offs and collections.

Financial terms were not disclosed, with T-Mobile stating only it is a “long-term deal”.

A T-Mobile representative told Mobile World Live there will be greater use of its 5G network for Clevon’s autonomous robots in future.

Callie Field, president of T-Mobile Business Group, predicted the last-mile delivery market is expected to grow almost five-times to $57 billion over the next six years.

Clevon expanded its business into the US in September 2022 with the launch of a North American Centre of Excellence.