T-Mobile US began deploying a combination of three channels of mid-band 5G spectrum as part of a continuing quest to add capacity and coverage across its network.

The operator reached peak data rates of more than 3Gb/s using three-channel aggregation (3CA) of mid-band spectrum on its standalone 5G network.

T-Mobile stated it plans to deploy 3CA nationwide and broaden device compatibility beyond the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones initially able to access the combination

Samsung Galaxy S22 device users are currently able to access the 3CA combination: T-Mobile stated it would expand coverage nationwide, with additional devices to be added “in the near future”.

A representative told Mobile World Live it employed refarmed 1900MHz spectrum used in 3G and 4G to improve speed and performance on its Ultra Capacity 5G service.

In a statement, T-Mobile proclaimed the early completion of a target to cover 260 million people with the 5G service by the year-end, with the goal of hitting 300 million by end-2023.

It explained the use of 1900MHz spectrum meant its overall 5G footprint currently covers 323 million people.

Earlier this month, the Federal Communications Commission began allocating the first batch of 2.5GHz spectrum following an auction in which T-Mobile won the bulk of the licences.