Dominique Leroy, the CEO of Proximus (pictured), will leave the company on 20 September, around three months before her expected departure.

Leroy, who announced her exit at the start of this month, was initially expected to serve in the role until taking up her new role as CEO of Dutch operator KPN on 1 December.

However, Proximus said in a statement its board of directors agreed an early departure with Leroy, with the aim “to restore a serene climate within the company and in its best interest”.

The move comes after Belgian media reported trade unions in the country had last week asked Leroy to leave Proximus immediately, citing concern over her new role with a competitor.

Proximus’ CFO Sandrine Dufour will assume the position of interim CEO on 21 September. The Belgian operator stated it had already started the search for a successor and the board expects to approve a “profile” for the new chief on 19 September.

The board thanked Leroy “for the exemplary way she executed her mandate as CEO of Proximus over the past six years and for the fundamental transformation she initiated”.