Orange Belgium launched a Digital Centre in Brussels designed to improve the public’s technology and entrepreneurial skills as part of a wider effort to bridge the nation’s digital divide.

In a statement, Orange noted the tech hub in Brussels Central Station aims to support and develop the public’s digital prowess, and promote digital literacy by providing training courses, workshops, conferences and project-based learning.

The free activities offered will include digital training for smartphone and web use, and coaching for small businesses and start-ups.

Petra De Sutter, Belgium’s deputy Prime Minister, explained at least four in 10 Belgians are at risk of digital exclusion, making “fighting the digital divide a top priority”.

“That figure is unacceptably high. We don’t want to leave anyone behind,” she added.

The facility was built with government support, with the state committing €6 million to projects combating the digital divide. The launch follows a commitment by Orange establish similar hubs in all its operating countries by 2025.

Xavier Pichon, CEO of Orange Belgium, stated digital inclusion is one of the operator’s top priorities.

“By allowing different publics to acquire basic or more complex digital skills, we can help reduce the digital divide.”

The launch comes after Belgium concluded its 5G auction, in which Orange splashed out €322 million to obtain new spectrum.