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Ofcom invites applications for EHF licences

01 OCT 2020

UK regulator Ofcom advanced plans to open access to extremely high frequency (EHF) spectrum, a move it claimed would boost innovation by enabling high-speed wireless services.

Ofcom began accepting applications for licences covering the 116GHz to 122GHz; 174.8GHz to 182GHz; and 185GHz to 190GHz bands. The move is part of plans to allocate 18.2GHz of EHF spectrum and follows a consultation on the plan conducted earlier this year.

The regulator stated it was considering further allocations of EHF spectrum in future.

It explained frequencies in the 100GHz to 200GHz range are suitable for services requiring high data capacity over short distances.

The regulator said its move “will create new opportunities to develop wireless services across a range of industries”, including the health and manufacturing sectors.

It cited potential applications around health screening; 3D imaging; holograms; IoT; and product assembly and quality assurance services.



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