Nokia outlined an effort to deploy private wireless connectivity, edge equipment and software analytics for international NGO The Ocean Cleanup, as part of a drive to use technology to rid the world’s oceans of plastics.

The Ocean Cleanup is a Netherlands-based organisation which deploys emerging technologies including deep data analysis, AI, drones and satellite monitoring to dispose of plastics from the waters.

Nokia stated its product portfolio and services will advance the NGO’s operations.

The vendor previously deployed a private wireless system using its Digital Automation Cloud for The Ocean Cleanup’s operations in North Pacific and will deploy further systems at a later stage.

Meanwhile, analytics software and Nokia MX industrial edge, a private wireless network designed for industrial use cases, will be used for navigation and “high-end video connectivity” on 4G.

Nokia stated the collaboration is also in line with its “long-standing commitment” to advance the role of technology in combatting climate change and environmental issues.

The vendor cited UNESCO research estimating plastic waste makes up 80 per cent of all marine pollution, with 8 million to 10 million metric tonnes of the material ending up in the sea every year.

Subho Mukherjee, head of sustainability at Nokia, pointed to the vendor’s subsea networks, acoustic sensing technology, remote environmental monitoring and private wireless capabilities as being key to the effort.

“Nokia can, and will, continue to play an important role in the marine environment”, the executive said, adding it looks forward to seeing “how our technology can genuinely drive sustainable change and help protect critical natural resources and habitats”.