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Nokia, Inria renew network, computing partnership

24 NOV 2022

Nokia extended a partnership with French research institute Inria, stating collaboration on a common research laboratory will run for four more years as the pair moved to target emerging challenges around computing and network technologies.

In a statement, Inria explained the renewed partnership with the vendor’s research arm Nokia Bell Labs will focus on societal and industrial smart computing needs.

The pair plan to explore optimisation of future networks to a wide range of customer needs, citing use of machine learning, advanced networks and open computing architecture in industrial fields.

Their work will revolve around employing AI to bolster development of 6G systems, manage mobile network resources; and advancing cloud-based robotic applications in industrial contexts.

“Together with Nokia, we will work on the new frontiers for 6G mobile networks, which pose new technological and theoretical challenges, where software design and data exchange must be jointly addressed”, said Inria CEO Bruno Sportisse.



Hana Anandira

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