INTERVIEW: Lynk Global detailed ambitions to have up to 50 satellites in operation within a year of its initial launch, with CCO Daniel Dooley (pictured) tipping growing competition in the sector as more of a benefit than a threat.

During the recent MWC Las Vegas 2022, Dooley explained the satellite-to-phone company is still on course to launch its first commercial service in December on an initial fleet of up to four birds.

He noted the company is beginning to reap the benefits of five years of development which has left it better-placed than its rivals in terms of regulatory approvals and customer wins.

“We’re the only ones patented and proven and commercially viable”, Dooley said, arguing rivals “don’t have one of those attributes let alone all three”.

Dooley noted a recent glut of announcements apparently sparked by a Space X deal with T-Mobile US is good news for Lynk Global, shifting the focus of conversations with mobile operators from technical feasibility to “how fast can you get it”.

At the time of speaking, Dooley noted Lynk Global had secured 17 operator contracts globally. Stepping up to Tier-1 providers is a little more challenging in terms of the information and due diligence they require, but the executive remained bullish it will have “some of the largest operators in the world” on board in 2023.

During the interview, Dooley also discussed the capital-intensive nature of the satellite communications sector and whether there is enough space to go around.

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