LIVE FROM SIGFOX CONNECT, BERLIN: Sigfox detailed plans to develop a backup to traditional mobile connectivity through a concept dubbed 0G, as it pushes complementary solutions between traditional wireless and its unlicensed technology.

Raoul Mallart, Sigfox CTO (pictured) told Mobile World Live the 0G concept could be used to complement existing 2G, 3G, 4G and future 5G networks, and provide an alternative should there be a loss in connectivity.

“What we want to do with 0G is trigger thinking in the industry on why not have a low power, low cost, low bitrate, backup complementary network and do something around it? This is a concept, not a product, but we hope it will create a reflection in the industry.”

Mallart said Sigfox is already working with home security company Securitas to provide a backup network for its alarm systems, which are powered by 3G, and many more applications could also benefit should 0G take-off.

“It is easy to jam 3G networks, but by using Sigfox you can also generate a necessary alert. We are not replacing 3G with this example, we are doing the complementary things when there is an issue. This is not an isolated case. Sigfox can cooperate with cellular technology to bring additional value.”

Harmonising technologies
The executive was also keen to highlight that cellular technologies including NB-IoT and LTE-M, fellow unlicensed option LoRa and Sigfox’s solutions all have a place in the IoT market.

However, he conceded there is little point in using Sigfox’s technology where a customer requires high data, because it limits the amount of data that can be transmitted. On the flip side, the company’s tech can adapt when customers have “hard constraints in terms of both battery and cost”, where Sigfox could hold the edge.

And when it comes to price, Sigfox believes it doesn’t really have a competitor: “We are able to address use cases and have a very low price point, and you can use Sigfox to connect pretty much anything, whether it is a chair or a suitcase. We are so low in price that no-one else can really compete,” he added.