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GSMA launches scheme for humanitarian crises

24 NOV 2022

The GSMA launched a government-backed innovation fund aimed at improving emergency responses during humanitarian crises, calling for social organisations and relevant agencies to take part.

In a statement, the GSMA explained grants of up to £250,000 will be provided by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to fund projects using mobile technologies to aid people affected by events including natural disasters and other emergencies.

Funds will be available for mobile use cases, new business models, and to bolster research and partnerships around providing early responses to disasters. The GSMA stated the plan will benefit vulnerable communities of around 300 million people worldwide.

“As the number of people requiring humanitarian assistance continues to rise, it is more important than ever to act early”, said Max Cuvellier, head of Mobile for Development at the GSMA.

He added mobile-enabled measures can help to anticipate “extreme events”, and drive immediate and cost-efficient responses.

The GSMA said is seeking applications from non-profits, start-ups and enterprises which deploy mobile technologies in aiding countries prone to humanitarian crises including natural disasters, particularly agencies involved in early warning systems and relevant technology which enhance “communication between organisations and affected communities”.



Hana Anandira

Prior to joining GSMA, Hana worked in the world of publishing as an editor and contributor for three years, covering a wide range of interests that span from culture and politics to architecture. She has written for Jakarta- and London-based...

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