Canadian businessman Anthony Lacavera revealed his Globalive businesses offered $3.75 billion to Shaw Communications for its wireless unit, noting in an interview with Bloomberg it would allow the operator to abandon a delayed merger with Rogers.

Rogers’ attempted buyout of Shaw is currently on hold while the pair attempt to persuade the country’s competition authority to back-down on its opposition to the deal. In a bid to allay issues Rogers has already offered to divest Shaw’s Freedom Mobile operation as part of the tie-up.

In a series of social media posts Lacavera argued if Shaw sold Globalive the wireless division independent of the merger it would be free to sell the remainder of the company to “whoever they like”.

He added Rogers had declined to engage with his company on an offer for Freedom Mobile so it was going direct to Shaw, though the latter would be unable to sell without Rogers’ input unless the ongoing merger process is abandoned.

This, he claims, is due to the fact: “Rogers does not want there to be more competition in wireless services.”

In a subsequent interview with Bloomberg, the entrepreneur urged Shaw to decline a further deadline extension to the Rogers deal, take the break fee and sell the wireless segment to Globalive independently.