Finnish president Sauli Niinisto revealed a risk assessment of 5G systems designed to deliver a common security approach for European Union (EU) member states, would be completed within a fortnight.

During a press conference with US President Donald Trump, Niinisto said the assessment will help determine “which kind of tools we need to protect ourselves”.

A majority of member states submitted individual security evaluations in July; a bloc-wide assessment and plan was originally set to be completed by 1 October.

Trump touted a partnership between the US and Finland “to ensure the security of 5G networks,” adding “it is critical that we use safe and trustworthy technology providers, components, and supply chains”.

But Niinisto noted the US approach to 5G security “may be a bit different” from the EU’s, since Huawei kit is much more prevalent in European networks.

US officials continued to pressure allies not to use Huawei equipment, with Secretary of State Michael Pompeo warning the country will have to make “some very difficult decisions” about information sharing with Italy if the country’s operators include it in their networks.

He added the US will not “sacrifice America’s national security to put our information in a place where there’s risk that adversaries or the Chinese Communist Party might have access to that.”

Similar warnings were previously issued to Germany, Hungary, Canada and Poland.