BT Group added a trio of start-ups to a green technology programme designed to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing sector, as it moved into the second phase of a project it commenced in June 2020.

In a statement, BT explained selected Sensorfact, RIIICO and Circularise will begin proof-of-concept trials for technologies developed to lower carbon emissions and boost recycling under its Green Tech Innovation Platform scheme.

UK-based manufacturers will be invited to trial the technologies as part of the initiative, which BT orchestrates with research organisation the Manufacturing Technology Centre.

BT stated the start-ups are expected to “solve some of the sustainability challenges” within the carbon-intensive manufacturing industry by focusing on redesigning legacy manufacturing processes, providing energy-efficient factory floor systems, and promoting circularity in supply chains.

“By using the power of digital, we can drive sustainability impact throughout the value chain and help our customers with the transition to net zero”, said David Wrout, principal of digital supply chain, Enterprise Digital Solutions at BT.