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One size cannot fit all for DirecTV LatAm

18 OCT 2016

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jeff McElfresh, the president of DirecTV Latin America, said AT&T’s pay-TV unit behaves differently in the US to countries south of the border, due to the varied combination of assets in play.

In the US, AT&T uses DirecTV’s content as part of a multiplay strategy, in which it is looking at new ways for subscribers to access their content when on the go.

By contrast, in Mexico, AT&T has spent $8 billion over the last two years buying its way into the country’s mobile market to compete with America Movil and others.  And the set up for DirecTV works differently to north of the border, as McElfresh explains, because it is not the dominant pay TV player in the country.

Instead, DirecTV partners with Sky Mexico to work on content tailored for its local 4G network.

And then there are other Latin American countries, where AT&T does not own mobile operations and the pay TV unit must find its own way. Here, its strategy is more similar to its pure-play and over-the-top content rivals.

“To stay relevant to our customers, we must innovate to provide a form of our content available to them on their devices wherever those devices are placed,” said McElfresh.

Watch the full video here.


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