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ITU chief questions political motives of Huawei claims

08 APR 2019

ITU secretary general Houlin Zhao (pictured) entered into the Huawei security debate, stating the company should be allowed equal business opportunities given the lack of proof to support accusations against it, Reuters reported.

At an event in Geneva, Zhao said security of 5G was in everybody’s interests and encouraged outspoken authorities to charge Huawei if they found anything wrong with equipment.

He added there was currently no proof and claims appeared to be driven by trade and politics rather than any evidence.

During the session, Zhao emphasised the first priority for telecommunications providers should be to ensure secure network equipment due to potential backlash from national authorities if problems are later uncovered.

The comments come as the row between some national authorities, led by the US, and Huawei shows little sign of abating.

Following intense scrutiny and strong statements from regulators in the US, Huawei filed a lawsuit against a federal ban, claiming no evidence had been produced to support the country’s stance against the company.

Although some countries have effectively restricted the activities of Huawei, the debate is still ongoing in many markets with some warning excluding the vendor from 5G network rollouts would vastly increase costs.

Last month the European Commission recommended the European Union swerve calls for a ban, instead recommending a “concerted effort” across the region to ensure the security of 5G networks.



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