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Google expands Project Fi with group plans

12 OCT 2016

Google bolstered its MNVO service Project Fi by introducing group plans, allowing for up to six people to gain access through a single subscription.

The group plan will cost $15 a month per line for the Fi Basics package (unlimited calls and text) and Google said, as with individual plans, data will cost $10 per GB.

The price for a single Project Fi account remains at $20.

Google made Project Fi widely available in March this year, after first offering it on a selection-only basis, and last week expanded device options with its new Pixel smartphones.

Working as a virtual network, Project Fi partners with US operators T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular and the 3 Group for international coverage. It allows users to switch between Wi-Fi hotspots and the LTE networks of Google operator partners, depending on which is faster at a particular location.

The group plan option is similar to “family plan” options offered by US operators, giving users the ability to add additional lines at a discount.

It said the group plan allows for the owner of the subscription and its members to control data and view usage from the Project Fi app.

They can also set data notifications to help pace usage, while “managers” of the plan can add data safeguards by setting monthly allowances for members, and even pause data services “if a member goes overboard”.

To increase the appeal, Google said it would offer a discount on the Nexus 5X and 6P phones when users sign up to Project Fi.

The recently launched Pixel phones remain at full price.


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