The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) outlined plans to continue its review into a proposed merger between T-Mobile US and Sprint almost three months after pausing the process.

A 180-day examination of the deal was halted in September to enable the US regulator to sift through additional documentation submitted by the operators. The FCC plans to pick up where it left off on 4 December, the equivalent of day 55 of the original timeline.

T-Mobile and Sprint had expanded on their initial application for approval with new economic and engineering modelling information. A deadline for comments on the data passed in October, but the FCC said it received “a substantial body of new material on economic issues central to the review of the proposed transaction” from the operators on 6 November, which warrants a chance for third parties to weigh in.

Comments on the new data must be submitted by 4 December.

The FCC is one of two major government entities considering the deal; the other being the US Department of Justice.