Luxury smartphone manufacturer Vertu upgraded its flagship line with the launch of Metavertu II, touting its security system and AI features.

Vertu stated Metavertu 2 comes with privacy protection which combines AI with blockchain to prevent data breaches and mitigate threats. 

It claimed the AI security tools cover large and small language models aimed at analysing “universal data” and protecting personal information, which will be stored in the handset’s blockchain system. 

Metavertu 2 also boasts a chipset providing “hardware-based encryption” to protect activities including data back up, phone calls and financial management.

Upgraded features also include an AI assistant spanning a range of tasks. 

Metavertu 2 keeps its design close to its predecessor, though the company noted custom models sporting premium materials are available. 

The device runs a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and a 5100mAh battery with a 65W fast charge set-up providing six hours of standby or 30 minutes talktime on a 5 per cent charge.

Metavertu 2 is available in four colours with a price tag ranging from $5,100 to $8,100.