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NBN Co selects mmWave for fixed wireless upgrade

22 MAR 2022

NBN Co earmarked AUD750 million ($555.9 million) to upgrade its fixed wireless capability using mmWave 5G spectrum, aiming to increase the footprint by 50 per cent and boost speeds for regional Australia.

The company stated it committed an additional AUD270 million for the 5G-enabled network, with the government investing AUD480 million in the programme, which will involve 2,200 sites and 22,000 cells in semi-rural, regional and remote parts of Australia.

The mmWave network will take two and a half years to deploy and is expected to deliver data rates of up to 100Mb/s, with 85 per cent of the network capable of 250Mb/s.

NBN Co explained advances in 5G technology mean the upgrade will be primarily delivered using its existing network of fixed wireless towers.

Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher separately stated the upgrade means faster services on the NBN fixed wireless network and greater amounts of data for customers.

It will enable 120,000 additional premises to access fixed wireless services instead of satellite services.

Fletcher explained because some existing NBN satellite customers will move to fixed wireless, it will free up capacity on the satellite network.

Average monthly data allowances for satellite customers on standard plans will increase from 55GB to 90GB once the upgrade is completed.



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