Apple looking for China-based data enforcement manager

Apple hiring China-based data enforcement manager

19 SEP 2014

Based on a LinkedIn job posting, Apple apparently is searching for a head of law enforcement in Beijing to handle requests from the government for user data.

Last month, in response to government pressure to improve security of customer data, Apple started hosting mainland users’ data on its iCloud service on China Telecom servers. Storing data on servers based in China will help speed up delivery and improve the user experience for domestic users. But it also allows the government to demand user data stored on the local servers.

Reuters reported that the position will handle “third-party requests for access to Apple controlled data. The role will be directly responsible for the management, handling and issuance of appropriate responses to requests from law enforcement authorities…”

According to the post, Reuters said, the person hired will be responsible for “educating requesters as to the data that can and cannot be supplied in particular circumstances while maintaining good working relations with requesters”.

Apple recently revised its security and privacy policies, which includes a section on government data requests. GigaOM reported that the wording “never received an order under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act” is no longer included in its revised ‘transparency report’, indicating that the company may recently have received requests from the US government for user data.


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