Hong Kong mobile operator SmarTone introduced robots at three of its retail stores to make the customer experience more interactive and engaging.

The operator debuted smart robot NAO on Valentine’s day, with the robot singing, dancing and playing games with customers. SoftBank’s robot Pepper also joined the event, which featured local web-celebrity Lilian Kan.

Equipped with intelligence and real-time interaction capabilities, NAO can perform detailed actions and speak multiple languages to interact with customers. It can also introduce the latest service plan offers and recommend smartphone accessories, SmarTone said.

“SmarTone is committed to innovating customer experience in the industry, and the introduction of NAO will enable a fun and interactive experience, deepening in-store engagement with customers,” said Josephine Lam, head of marketing and sales at SmarTone.

“Robotics is one of the hottest technologies and we know it will have a significant impact on our lives in the future,” Alex Kun, head of products and services at SmarTone. He said SmarTone will continue to seek ways to introduce the latest robotics technologies into its business as well as provide opportunities for local enterprises, organisations and individuals to experience the technology.