SK Telecom (SKT) in partnership with US-based Joby Aviation called on South Korea’s government to prepare relevant regulations to help drive the commercialisation of urban air mobility (UAM) services, noting the backing would accelerate their work.

Officials from Korea’s government and agencies including the Korea Institute of Aviation Safety Technology and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute recently visited Joby Aviation’s headquarters to review its UAM vehicle production capabilities.

SKT CEO Ryu Young-sang (pictured, right) and Joby Aviation CEO JoeBen Bevirt (pictured, left) suggested they would speed up development of a Korean UAM service if the government boosts support for the sector.

Based on initial UAM demonstrations in Korea, SKT and Joby Aviation are working on a business model to accelerate the development of the ecosystem.

SKT implemented certification procedures required when introducing Joby Aviation’s aircraft into Korea.

The operator forged a partnership with Joby Aviation in early 2022 to develop a platform offering ground-to-air communications, infotainment and a reservation system.

SKT also is working on a number of government-led projects to commercialise UAMs.