Maxis forged a partnership with the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) to automate services using IoT applications and mobile infrastructure to improve farming practices.

An MoU covers an aim to integrate their engineering and ICT expertise in projects designed to promote a more sustainable and competitive agricultural industry, the companies stated.

MARDI’s director general stated the tie-up “is timely as we look forward to the modernisation of agricultural practices through the implementation of new approaches based on modern technology and sustainable development”.

Maxis acting chief enterprise business officer Claire Featherstone noted “data integration and connectivity” are “critical to advancements of industries and there are many opportunities to enhance productivity and yield for local farmers through increased automation”.

The two plan to run a precision farming pilot at MARDI’s facilities across the country using automated systems to water and fertilise ginger crops. The pilot also will feature big data analytics capabilities and 24/7 surveillance, with the aim to deploy the technology at more than 400 farms.

MARDI used Maxis’ NB-IoT network in 2019 to enable grape farmers to remotely monitor crop conditions through mobile apps, with the goal of increasing yields and resource efficiency.