AIS reached a settlement with National Telecom (NT), recently formed through a merger of TOT and CAT Telecom, agreeing to pay the state-run company THB447.9 million ($13.7 million) for claims related to a range of ongoing disputes.

In a filing to the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 8 September, the operator communicated it agreed to settle some legal disputes with TOT and CAT Telecom relating to past agreements between with AIS and its subsidiaries which are no longer in effect.

These include claims for revenue share on interconnection charges, roaming fees and international direct dialing service, and the transfer of telecoms equipment.

AIS and NT withdrew the claims from the Administrative Court and agreed to not raise any more in future on the settled disputes.

The operator settled a dispute with CAT Telecom in August 2020, agreeing a sale and five-year lease-back deal covering 155 towers.