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Waze partners with HAAS Alert

06 OCT 2017

Waze, makers of a traffic and navigation app, teamed up with HAAS Alert to provide incident and emergency response data.

Waze users will automatically receive incident locations and warnings when emergency services such as fire fighters and police are on the road so they can take a different route if possible. This could also help first responders get to their destination faster.

“Keeping drivers and emergency personnel safe on the roadways is central to our mission,” said HAAS Alert CEO and co-founder, Cory Hohs.

“We’re delighted to be able to provide real-time alerts to Waze’s large community through this new data-sharing partnership because so many drivers will now have the information they need to avoid collisions and improve safety on the roads.”

The initiative is part of Waze’s Connected Citizens Program which gives municipal leaders real-time road activity so they can improve congestion and make better planning decisions.

The deal with Waze is a big boost to startup HAAS Alert’s ambitions. CEO Hohs spoke with Mobile World Live recently, outlining his belief that a digital siren service offered by his company is a first step in delivering the kind of data needed to make autonomous cars a reality.

Interview: HAAS Alert


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