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Localytics: news app use outstripping high-profile names

15 JUN 2012

Localytics said that the average news app sees as much user time as more high-profile titles such as Twitter, and second (albeit distantly) only to Facebook.

The company noted that “apps from the leading mobile categories should not be overlooked by anyone wanting to engage or advertise to mobile users.”

Using its own data alongside figures from comScore, Localytics said that the total minutes spent in the average news app per month was 115 minutes, ahead of 81 minutes for the average entertainment title.

While Facebook led the way with 441 average minutes per visitor, Twitter saw 114 minutes, placing it (slightly) behind news apps.

The company said that use of entertainment, health & fitness (77 minutes), sports (75 minutes), and music (71 minutes) titles either met or exceeded well known apps Pinterest and Tumblr.

Interestingly, while games is widely accepted as the biggest category, the average app only saw 49 minutes of use. The company noted that while “games perform very well in aggregate,” on an individual basis these titles lag.

“Therefore, advertisers wanting properties that have a more developed relationship with their audience should strongly consider news, entertainment, health, sports and music apps,” it concluded.


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