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Google sets 64-bit app requirement

21 DEC 2017

Google announced plans to remove apps not built with a 64-bit framework from its Play Store within two years, in a move intended to prepare for future versions of Android devices.

In a Android developer blog, Google said more than 40 per cent of Android devices coming online today have 64-bit capability, while also maintaining 32-bit compatibility.

The company, however, is planning to remove support for a 32-bit framework as of August 2019, “in anticipation of future Android devices that support 64-bit code only”.

Google said the Play Store will require new apps and updates to run on devices without 32-bit support, and apps including a 32-bit library will need to have a 64-bit alternative “either within the same APK or as one of the multiple APKs published”.

Apps which do not include native code are unaffected.

While the change will not come into force for nearly two years, Google said it was providing notice “to allow plenty of time for developers who don’t yet support 64-bit to plan the transition”.

Google also confirmed plans to introduce small amounts of security metadata to prove if an app was downloaded authentically from its official Play Store.

In addition, the post also outlined new API level requirements for developers.


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