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Google refreshes iPad search app

25 NOV 2011

Google has revamped its search app for Apple’s iPad, adding new features to make the app “more interactive, more visual and to help you find what you want more easily.” In a post on Google’s official blog, the engineer behind the app, Daniel Fish, described the new release as “a significant redesign.”

He claims that searching is now faster and more interactive as Google Instant starts to display results as the user types. Once a webpage is selected a new, slide-in pane will layer over the search results, allowing scrolling through the results as the page is loading. "This allows you to go back and forth from results to web pages quickly to get the information you are looking for,” says Fish.

Image searches have been enhanced with an image carousel, while search history can now be accessed in a "visual way" to reduce unnecessary typing on the tablet.

"We’ve also made it easier to find and use your favourite Google services like Google News, Calendar and more in the new Apps menu,” says Fish. “Tap on an icon to quickly read an email in Gmail, or share a post on Google+ within the slide-in pane. When you slide the pane to the right, you’ll be right back to searching."

The app is available globally from Apple's App Store for iPads running iOS 4.0 or higher.