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Fanzo nets $550,000 funding for Android push

14 OCT 2014

Fanzo, an app that ranks social media content generated (and recommended) by sports fans, announced an additional $550,000 in seed funding to accelerate international growth driven by its launch on Android.

A product of the Microsoft Azure Accelerator programme, Fanzo launched on iOS in the summer of 2013 with MLB. Since then, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, Premier League and Champions League Channels have been added.

The extra funding takes the total raised to $1.5 million since Fanzo was founded in January 2012.

“American fans love their Fanzo College Football, NFL and MLB news feeds, but our international following is so strong it was a signal to us to go after this market aggressively,” said Paul Ingalls, Fanzo co-founder and CEO.

With billions of pieces of social media content being shared monthly by reporters, fans and bloggers, the Fanzo pitch is to help fans navigate the space in order to find the best news, photos and conversations. It does this by ranking content (as well as the fans who post it).

Fanzo said it has ranked content from more than 100 million fans in social media. Content must achieve a certain score based on influence and engagement in order to break through the Fanzo threshold and appear in the app.


Ken Wieland

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