China showing distinctive app tastes — Flurry

China showing distinctive app tastes — Flurry

25 JUL 2013

The average iOS user in China spends more time using apps in the Books, Newsstand, Utility and Productivity categories than their counterparts elsewhere in the world, according to app analytics company Flurry.

Chinese users spend 1.8 times more time using Book apps than average, 1.7 times more time in Newsstand apps, 2.3 times more on Utility apps and 2.1 times more on apps in the Productivity category.

Chinese Android users, meanwhile, spend 7.4 times more time in Finance apps and 1.7 times more time using Entertainment apps then the global average.

Like the rest of the world, games dominate China with iOS with an average of 47 per cent of time spent playing games. The figure was 56 per cent for Android device owners.

Flurry noted that Chinese app providers have a distinct advantage over those from abroad due to their awareness of cultural influences and differences.

The firms also predicts that the likes of Tencent and Baidu will eventually launch apps aimed at foreign markets as they innovate in areas that are popular with Chinese consumers.

Flurry Analytics measured 221.3 million active smartphones and tablets in China in June, equating to 24 per cent of the global connected installed base measured by Flurry.

China passed the US to become the country with the largest installed base of connected devices in February this year, according to Flurry Analytics.


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