Can technology make a company more human-centric and prioritize responsible AI? According to Orange Spain, Spanish subsidiary of the leading French telco operator, the answer is yes. They are pioneers in using automation to transform the way their employees serve customers. At Orange, automation has saved millions of euros and 100s of thousands of administrative hours repurposed for employees to better focus on customers. That translates into increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.

Join UiPath and Orange Spain to learn about the power of automation and how telecommunications leaders are going from AI theory to outcomes in a matter of weeks using automation + generative AI, specialized AI, UiPath models or their own AI – all with governance built right in. They are doing more by connecting the systems they already have to:

  • Build better experiences for customers
  • Improve service-delivery
  • Increase the reliability and efficiency of network and field technicians/operations
  • Optimize shared services such as HR, finance, procurement, and beyond to drive better NPS, employee satisfaction, and capital allocation.