PARTNER FEATURE: From June 17 to 19, 2021, CDCC (China Data Center Working Group ) and DCRE (Green Energy Technology Alliance for the Data Center) jointly hosted the 2021 China Data Center Green Energy Conference and solemnly opened in the new Shanghai International Expo Center. Themed “Innovative, energy-efficient, and low-carbon future,” ZTE proposed its efficient Data Center Delivery Solution, demonstrating the end-to-end delivery capability covering the full life cycle.

“With over 30 years of experience in telecommunication network construction, ZTE has established an end-to-end engineering service capability system worldwide to provide professional and efficient services for customers.”Zhang Dayong, vice president of ZTE, said, “With years of experience in large-scale data center delivery worldwide, ZTE can provide full life cycle services from consultation, planning&design,  and delivery to operation and maintenance management. Through continuous R&D, the whole PUE(Power Usage Effectiveness) has been reduced to below 1.3 in the prefabricated fully-modular Data Center field, and large-scale commercial deployment has been realized. ZTE is a reliable data center partner in the industry.”

Starting from 2009, ZTE’s Data Center was one of the first wave of enterprises in the data center field. In 2014, ZTE built the largest Single Micro-Modular Data Center in Asia located in Pingshan, Shenzhen, China, and began to lead the industry trend. By 2016, ZTE had built dual-Uptime Tier IV certified national standard data centers with reliability exceeding 99.995% for Bangladesh. In 2017, ZTE implemented the application of indirect evaporation cooling air conditioners and deployed the storage fully-modular data center for the first time. After years of technological accumulation, the prefabricated fully-modular data centers were deployed on a large scale for the first time in the industry, and will be deployed abroad. The first large-scale edge data center will be built in Philippines. With excellent delivery quality and speed, ZTE exclusive solution won the bid for 10 core&convergence equipment rooms (100% share). In 2021, ZTE won the bid for the centralized procurement of fully-modular data centers by being the top internet enterprises in China with the maximum share, leading in-depth transformation in the data center industry solution.

“ZTE has a professional data center architect team, which can provide customized and integrated solutions on demand. In addition, ZTE cooperates with international first-class design institutes, and applies professional 3D modeling tool, BIM (Building Information Modeling), for precise design to avoid risks in equipment installation and construction in advance, and relies on the integrated global supply chain platform to effectively reduce the lead time.”Zhang Dayong said, “ZTE’s professional delivery team has fully adopted the end-to-end digital project management and control platform, and has helped improving engineering management efficiency by 40% through refined project management. With ZTE self-developed platform, iDCIM (intelligent Data Center Infrastructure Management) , ZTE can optimize the energy efficiency of the data center in the full life cycle based on the AI  algorithm, and improve the energy efficiency above 8%. Meanwhile, intelligent O&M methodologies, such as robot preventive maintenance, can improve the O&M efficiency. ”

Up to now, ZTE has over 300 success cases worldwide, and has accumulated over 1,100,000 square meters in construction and more than 100,000 cabinets deployment experience. In addition, ZTE has won over 40 awards in China and overseas , fully demonstrating ZTE’s increasing technical strength and brand influence in the data center field from design, deployment and O&M management.

ZTE Data Center Awards

“As the leader in the data center industry, ZTE has been working for 12 years in this field, continuously assisting the data center industry in building the new infrastructure plan, and becoming a reliable partner of customers.” Zhang Dayong said, “In the future, ZTE will continue to forge ahead in various aspects such as prefabricated, fully modular, and end-to-end solutions, and continuously innovate to build a ‘green, reliable, fast, and intelligent’ data center for customers. In this way, we can build a digital economy together with customers.”