PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has announced that Andrew John Ovens, Chief Director of Global Services of ZTE Europe, has delivered a speech on “Digital Twin-Based Network Insights”, sharing ZTE’s innovative practices in intelligent network O&M and highly autonomous networks, at the “Shaping Digital Innovation Forum”, a part of Mobile World Congress 2023.

At the forum, industry guests including telecom operators, analysts and partners have conducted in-depth discussions on the development trends and opportunities of future networks.

According to Andrew John Ovens, intelligent networks have become an indispensable part of operators’ digital transformation, which delivers zero-wait, zero-touch, and zero-failure customer experiences to vertical industries and consumer users through highly autonomous network and ICT intelligent infrastructure, agile and closed-loop operations, and service assurance.

ZTE employs a 3-dimension digital twin model to present and predict the evolution of customer experiences for selected applications, services and areas. Coupled with an intent-based engine using natural language interface and AI-based close-loop service assurance, the solution delivers the next level of highly automated and intelligent O&M experience.

Digital Twin-Based Network Insights

The ZTE solution, uSmartNet, allows customers to deal with the growing network and services complexity with 5G deployments, significantly improving the use of valuable 5G payload and reducing OPEX by 30% or more.

The solution uses industry specifications such as TM Forum and CCSA. The digital twin provides multi-dimensional and hierarchical 360-degree insights into network, services, and users, to systematically evaluate network performance, service quality, user experience, and investment costs. With accuracy of 90% or more, the solution provides scientific decision support for operators’ network construction and optimization, service development, and user satisfaction improvement.

Evolving to High-Level Intelligent O&M

Timely and accurate predictions bring O&M to higher level of intelligence, moving from reactive problem handling to preventive and proactive identification and resolution, and from network-oriented to service-oriented and customer-centric O&M, specifically:

  • Proactive Network Optimization: uSmartNet can predict service indicators and user experience trends, analyze return on investment for planned network expansion, compare network planning scenarios and deliver accurate expansion suggestions.
  • Proactive Service Assurance: Using AI and machine learning, uSmartNet proactively monitors network and services indicators, automatically notifies on degrading trends, precisely analyses and demarcates the root cause(s) for possible failures, and automates fault resolution.
  • Proactive Satisfaction Assurance: Integrating a wide range of network and service quality indicators for voice, data and applications, as well as user data such as crowd-based or complaints, uSmartNet generates precise models of the user satisfaction evolution, enabling customer-centric and proactive optimization of the network to enhance customer satisfaction.

With 80+ projects already delivered, ZTE has been working with its partners for new use cases. Meanwhile, the company has been committed to maintaining an industry-leading position in big data, AI and general data processing capabilities, and assisting customers in their successful digital transformation journey.