PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has launched its next-generation intelligent big data platform VMAX at Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.

ZTE’s VMAX, the accelerator of digital transformation driven by big data and AI technologies, can help operators build a high-level autonomous networks with cross-domain support, thereby accelerating operational efficiency.

As the core product of ZTE’s Autonomous Networks solution-uSmartNet, VMAX shifts single-domain operation into all-domain, end-to-end perspective. It has a five-dimensional perception model, providing real-time insights into customer experience, service quality, network performance, cost efficiency and business development strategy to support efficient service operation. ZTE’s VMAX offers more than 150 algorithms, and can identify over 18,000 types of apps. It helps to fulfill the demand for a consistent and seamless experience across all dimensions.

To balance network spending and quality of service, ZTE has developed a perception-driven, intent-based network planning function. With the intent engine, operators only need to give inputs about behaviour or objectives from a services point of view. VMAX then translates those into service intent and generates network planning suggestions accurately with minimal intervention. Thanks to advanced machine learning technology, a precise planning outcome can be achieved with no more than two iterations, improving site accuracy by 30%.

In addition, ZTE’s VMAX supports cross-domain service self-healing, using AI self-learning technologies to find the root cause of service problems and customer complaints in minutes with more than 80% accuracy. Through visualized AI model training, it can predict abnormal services and execute automated diagnosis and recovery before it impacts customers. In practice, ZTE’s VMAX platform helped the operator improve the complaint handling efficiency by 16% and operational efficiency by more than 30%.

Relying on the capabilities of OSS/BSS data integration and AI engine, ZTE’s VMAX builds unified user profiles, accurate internet content identification and flexible data service,  thus achieving real-time precise marketing to promote growth. In one project aimed at high ARPU users, ZTE helped reach a marketing conversion rate of more than 10%.

ZTE, bolstered with rich experience in global network intelligence, Big data and AI technologies, expects to work together with the industry to accelerate network automation and intelligence, empowering digital transformation.