PRESS RELEASE: During MWC24, Turkcell, Turkey’s technology leader, signed important collaborations with Huawei, the world’s leading information and communication technology provider in three areas. According to the agreement, Turkcell and Huawei, in the coming period, will carry out studies focused on the development of 5.5G, green technologies and artificial intelligence supported next generation networks.

Under the MOUs, the two companies will research on several 5.5G technologies including Ambient IOT(Passive IoT), RedCap(Reduced Capability) and will also work together in the development of 5.5G networks. They will aim to reduce carbon footprints together through deep-mode energy saving in GPON(gigabit-capable passive optical network), the use of solar energy and green energy in the fields, ALPS solution and energy efficiency in WDM Networks. They will also initiate the ‘Joint Innovation’ to implement artificial intelligence-based, user-centric and self-optimizing networks.

Turkcell General Manager Dr. Ali Taha Koç said in his statement about the cooperation, “As Turkcell, we continue to cooperate with leading national and international companies in order to carry the development in the field of technology to the highest level. In collaboration with Huawei, we are expanding our joint innovation efforts for 5.5G and green technologies as well as artificial intelligence-based network automation. We see the agreements as an important step for the development of innovative technologies in the field of telecommunication.”

Speaking after the signing ceremony, Phillip Gan, Huawei Senior Vice President said: “As leading solution partners in technology, we are developing our cooperation with Turkcell for joint innovation in 5.5G and green technologies as well as artificial intelligence-based network automation. Our aim is to achieve common success by considering green development with our cooperations. With the new technologies we produce with Turkcell, we aim to make people’s lives easier and contribute to sustainability.”

Turkcell and Huawei surpassed data download speeds of 10 Gigabits per second using 5.5G (5G Advanced) technology in a 5G test lab last week. This test, which stands out as an important step in Turkcell’s R&D and test studies within the scope of 5G and beyond new generation technologies, has achieved a breakthrough success in mobile internet technologies.