Wileyfox, the UK firm trying to bring an Asian smartphone strategy to Europe, is back with three new devices.

The most competitively priced of the new crop is the £90 ($120) Spark, joined by the £115 Spark + and £130 Spark X.  The Spark is a 8GB model, while both of the others have 16GB of storage. They are available from next month.

The firm made its debut last autumn with the Swift and Storm, which cost £129 and £199, respectively.

The handsets are all based on Cyanogen, an Android-based OS, and sold through its own website, as well as Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce sites.

Nick Muir, co-founder and CEO, said last week the firm has sold 250,000 of the first two devices to date. At a launch event for the new devices, the firm said it hopes to top two million sales over the next 12 months, according to Mobile News.

The Spark features dual-SIM, 4G, with an eight megapixel front and rear camera, a five-inch (720p) HD screen and a quad-core MediaTek processor.

The Spark+ is also 4G and has an improved 13 megapixel camera (8MP front facing), as well as twice as much memory. The screen size is the same.

The Spark X also includes a 13 megapixel camera (8 MP front facing), but has a larger 5.5 inch screen (720p) and 16GB memory.