The US government called for proposals from a public-private partnership (PPP) on how to employ 5G and AR to improve medical care for troops in remote locations, a move tipped to ultimately benefit development of e-health services for the public.

Proposals from the National Spectrum Consortium, a 431-member public-private partnership which explores innovative spectrum uses, were requested by the US Department of Defence (DoD) with the aim of enabling medical specialists to help people administering care in the field.

The DoD stated it aims to develop “5G AR-enabled tele-mentoring for medical procedures”, along with a training platform employing wireless technology to provide remote training.

National Spectrum Consortium chief strategy officer Joseph Dyer said AR could “bring medical expertise from anywhere in the world to the battlefield and save lives”.

The consortium’s executive director Maren Leed added the systems developed for the military will lead to advances in remote medicine which will benefit the public in addition to military personnel.

Proposals are due by 21 July.