Data from network metrics company Opensignal showed T-Mobile US continued to dominate 5G data rates in the downlink but lost its uplink crown to Verizon in the opening months of 2023, with AT&T lagging in both categories.

Research conducted between 16 March and 13 June showed T-Mobile topped Opensignal’s ranking for the eighth time in a row with a downlink score of 195.5Mb/s.

Verizon scored 96.3Mb/s and AT&T 80Mb/s.

Opensignal’s data shows all three operators’ scores were up from its previous report, based on information gathered between 16 September 2022 and 14 December.

AT&T’s score was 9Mb/s higher, T-Mobile’s 9.1Mb/s and Verizon’s 11.4Mb/s.

Verizon surpassed T-Mobile in 5G uplink data rates with a score of 18.5Mb/s, 2.4Mb/s higher than the previous research.

T-Mobile was second with a score of 18.2Mb/s and AT&T ranked third on 12.1Mb/s.

Verizon posted the highest scores in Opensignal’s “experiential” tests of on-demand streaming, live video, gaming and voice performance.

Opensignal rated T-Mobile top for 5G availability with a score of 57.9 per cent, compared with 20.7 per cent for AT&T and Verizon’s 9.8 per cent.

The company measures availability based on the percentage of time its users connected to 5G services.