VIDEO INTERVIEW: Mobile-only operators are under pressure to jump on the quadplay bandwagon, Belgacom CEO Dominique Leroy told Mobile World Live, as she explained why the Belgian incumbent chose to integrate its fixed and mobile services under the Proximus brand.

“As more and more people use mobile and fixed services interchangeably, it was natural to bring them together,” said Leroy.

This has also meant that “mobile-only operators are feeling the heat from such a strategy” and are looking into agreements with cable or telcos to launch triple or quadplay services themselves.

Leroy added that consumers were initially attracted to such services because they were cheaper, but now they realise the added value of quadplay, for instance in the flexibility of accessing content, either on PC or via their smartphones or tablets.

Speaking of the future, Leroy said Belgacom is looking to get into ICT services such as the cloud and security. She also said the Internet of Things will be a big opportunity for operators as they can look not only into delivering connectivity but also how to use data analytics to help companies lower costs and increase efficiency.

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