LIVE FROM MWC21 BARCELONA: Kaspersky CEO Eugene Kaspersky (pictured) called for a new approach to protect the IT ecosystem from cybercrime, cautioning an increase in attacks would threaten industrial systems, IoT and critical infrastructure in the near future.

In a keynote, Kaspersky highlighted a rise in the number of cyberthreats was accompanied by a more sophisticated level of the attacks.

“We see hundreds of cybercriminal gangs which are able to develop highly complicated, very sophisticated cyberattacks”, which Kaspersky described as “really damaging for businesses and even on a national economy level”.

“It’s time to switch from cybersecurity to cyberimmunity”, he argued, adding IT systems need to be developed as “secure by design”.

During the event, Kaspersky presented a new operating system for IoT and industrial systems, claimed to “reduce the risk of vulnerabilities”.

The growth of cyberattacks was among the main issues for the industry highlighted by Orange CEO and GSMA chairman Stephane Richard at the event’s opening keynote.